Design and Development Planning

The design cycle begins with a design intent which provides an overview of the requirements, standards and the effectiveness of the project. The purpose of defining the design criteria is to conquer the dreaded fuzzy front end. This set of design principals is achieved by carefully understanding the importance of the user or voice of customer (VOC). Products that will undeniably connect with users have a much greater chance of succeeding in the market.

Design Input
A smart move in the early stages is to identify opportunity gaps. Valuable information can be gathered by examining a set of special study factors - Users, Society, Market and Technology. This combination of objectives is fulfilled through interviews, research, observations and problem solving. When the height of integrated innovation is reached, the opportunities are analyzed for exploring and building concepts. Visual communication is pushed to the limit with sketches, renderings and activities. Ideas are then narrowed down through process refinement which sheds light to a defined-chosen concept.

Product Implementation and Production
This is where Steelhead Design establishes the qualitative needs of the product prior to the prototype. The product and its feature-details are examined which leads to determining the exact requirements. Is the material specification accurate? Does this product say the things that we envisioned during the concept exploration? What is it going to take to make this product work?
There are certian needs associated with product development and managing them correctly saves you time and money.

Prototype and Planning
A prototype is a tangible preview of the product you have in mind. This checks and balances catches any risky or uneccessary areas of concern. This process involves testing - calculating dimensions, pressing the performance and stressing the functionality of the prototype. It shows us what final preparations and adjustments need to be satisfied prior to tooling. Now, during this process we discuss the production plan; this includes examining the manufacturing process - quantities, material and budget.  The production plan allows you to understand a comprehensive business strategy for your product so everything fits in place.

Business and Marketing Strategy
A product without a convincing name and brand image will miss the cut.  Branding and product awareness is inundated throughout our daily lives so it is important to make a bold statement.  Steelhead Design is equipped to incorporate uplifting graphics and sensible marketing strategies that speak volumes about your product. We are committed to the success of your product.